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Daria Shcherba is a Russian  Artist based in Istanbul. She has international events and collector from diffirent countries. She produce her art in her studio continuously in Yeldeğirmeni where is central of Art in Istanbul. To see her works click the buttom.


She graduated from University of Culture in Russia and learn Russian disciplines about Art. She using this knowlage and synthesize with today’s conjuncture.




She work with well known gallerie in Istanbul and also she has a studio in center of Istanbul. You can easly visit her studio or gallerie in Istanbul, you can be in tuch on social media or on the web. It’s a another option is call her directly.


She begin to paint from begin her babies age till this time without stop. She studies about art her all scholl ages. She has a studio and in Istanbul where central artist location of Istanbul and Turkey and produce her art in there. Working with galleries and has collectors from diffirent cuntries. In this enverioment she just focus to make her art and keep herself updated with her thirty years history.

Promising Future

She growing up with baby steps and stable. She don’t have financial anxiety and don’t have dupt to be star, she just care to be successfull artist in her life and after her life. She believe to have feature is a natural process and coming with working hard and stable.


Past, Feuture, Present. All events of Daria Shcherba

Artlocalist Group Art Exhibition

All off amazing elements marged in Artlocalist beetwen 27.04.2019-26.06.2019

There is a group of international artists in istanbul and their comminity named IUSD. Artlocalist is a cafe with gallerie consecpt in Balat. Balat is new trending of daily visit area in Istanbul. All off amazing elements marged in Artlocalist beetwen 27.04.2019-26.06.2019